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Salary expectations, demand for talent continue to rise causing property management companies to rethink compensation packages, Impact Recruitment 2022 Property + Facilities Management Salary Guide Shows

Base salaries increasing for property management professionals, with entry- to mid-level positions seeing most notable rises Annual bonuses on the rise along with additional benefits such as mileage or motor vehicle allowances Property management industry slowly...

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Impact in the News – Media Centre

If you know us, you know that we can't pass up a great opportunity to share our passion and expertise for HR and recruitment, so when we get the chance to talk about the latest trends and stories in our industry, we take it! Check out the latest media coverage...

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Quarterly Snapshot: Q2 @ IMPACT

After two years of online everything, we were pretty sure we’d seen it all: conferences and galas attended from kitchen tables, virtual gatherings where each guest is represented by an avatar of their choosing, digital job fairs and video interviews – as we flipped...

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