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B.C. to be Bright Spot in 2016

Although Canada's global economic outlook in 2016 might be bleak, British Columbia is expected to lead the country in its overall growth. Soft growth in China is underscoring the forecast for a weak global economic outlook in 2016, but British Columbia could be poised...

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What The Best Resumes and Interviews Have In Common

Recruiters and employers skim through hundreds of resumes a day to find the perfect candidate to join their team. So how do you make yours stand out from the rest? In the activity of a job search, your background, skills, expertise, and motivation all need to be...

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Great Bear Rainforest Agreement a Victory for Forestry Industry

  As 15 per cent of the forest is open to logging, the Great Bear Rainforest Agreement is a victory for Canada's forest industry including everyone involved. The agreement also protects 85 per cent of the coastal temperate rainforest, which stretches from B.C.'s...

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Vancouver Real Estate: Expected to Set Historic Price

  According to Business in Vancouver, Vancouver's real estate sector is off to a great start in the New Year as purchases of trophy properties push sales volume to a historic peak. Vancouver could see its first billion-dollar real estate sale in 2016... The...

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Top Career Experts Share Their Best Tips For Success In 2016

  With each New Year comes a fresh start with new resolutions and goals. Take some advice from these experts and see how you can kick off into a successful 2016! “Everyone can benefit from a two-step strategy for blasting their career upward in 2016. Most...

We’ve Moved!

  2016 Has been off to an exciting start for Impact Recruitment. We are please to announce that our office has expanded due to our rapid growth! We are now located one floor above our previous...

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Distance Degree Can Demonstrate Hustle to Employers

“There are a lot of organizations that appreciate the ability of someone to work and attend school at the same time,” says Grant Tufts, co-founder and president of Impact Recruitment in Vancouver. As universities catch up to technology, it’s still early days for...

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Gentlemen, Put Down Your Razors for Movember!

Impact Recruitment is taking action and participating in Movember for men's health! If you wish to add a donation please click here. Your support is much appreciated. If growing a mustache is not an option (for the ladies out there), you can also opt to "Move for...

Trick or Treat?

Behold the Impact Divisional Halloween Costume Contest! Can you guess which team won?