Whether you’re a newly minted HR manager looking to set yourself up for success or a seasoned professional who wants to stay up-to-date with the latest market trends, our Employer Toolkit has something for you.

We give you access to the latest workplace resources, to support your business’ growth and hiring goals – from attracting top talent to improving employee retention.

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Employer Branding

Boost onboarding and employee retention web 300x169 - Employer Toolkit

Improving Onboarding

Ace that interview employer edition web 300x169 - Employer Toolkit

Interviewing Tips

Art of Giving Feedback Web 300x169 - Employer Toolkit

Giving Feedback

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Impact’s salary guides offer insights into the latest compensation data and hiring market trends for in demand professionals across a range of industries.

Each salary guide includes:

  • Detailed salary data
  • Current hiring market outlook
  • Hiring and recruitment insights
  • Access to additional resources for hiring managers


Visit our Salary Guide Hub often as we add new editions of our guides on a regular basis!


Creating a work environment that encourages employee well-being is a crucial element to having an engaged and productive team.

Check out these resources as a starting point for exploring the topic of mental health at work.

Workplace Mental Health Web 1 1024x576 - Employer Toolkit

Workplace Mental Health

Burnout in the workplace web 1024x576 - Employer Toolkit

Burnout in the Workplace


Need to prep for review season? We’ve got you!

Check out Performance Reviews: An essential guide for managers to set yourself (and your team) up for success this coming performance review season.

Performance Review Guide for Managers Web 1024x576 - Employer Toolkit



Sometimes hiring a permanent employee doesn’t quite make sense for your business – like when you need an experienced professional with a niche skill set to manage an upcoming project, or you require coverage for an extended leave of absence – like parental leave or a sabbatical. This is where contract-based hiring comes into play. A consultant, sometimes referred to as an independent contractor, could be just the solution you’re looking for.

Learn more about contract-based hiring and how Impact Management Professionals can benefit your business here.

consultant it independent contractor onsite web 300x200 - Employer Toolkit

You could also find yourself in a situation where you need to fill a position temporarily, for a short-amount of time – like when an administrative assistant has upcoming vacation planned, or your receptionist needs to take a sick day. In these types of scenarios, hiring a temp replacement can help fill any gaps until your permanent staff returns.

Discover more about temporary hiring options with our sister company, AmbiMi.

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