Vancouver-based mining company Goldcorp Inc. (TSX:G; NYSE:GG) is causing a stir in the industry after announcing plans to develop an all-electric mine.

Located near Chapleau, Ontario, 160 kilometres west of the company’s Porcupine mine, the Borden mine site will be the future home of North America’s first fully electric mining operation.bordenmine goldcorp.jpg  0x500 q95 autocrop crop smart subsampling 2 upscale 300x200 - Goldcorp plans to develop first all-electric mine

“Governments around the world are signing on to different agreements to reduce greenhouse gas [GHG] emissions,” said Brent Bergeron, Goldcorp’s executive vice-president of corporate affairs and sustainability. “What we are trying to do is say, ‘How can we, as a company, be leaders alongside government?’”

With the removal of diesel-powered equipment from underground mines, the need for ventilation is dramatically reduced and environments are far safer for industry workers.

Goldcorp stands to eliminate roughly 50% of total GHGs, or 5,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year, at the Borden mine by going electric only. The implementation of clean technology will save three million litres of diesel fuel, one million litres of propane and 35,000 megawatt hours of electricity every year.

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