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Whether you’re a seasoned professional services firm, a tech start-up, or anything in between, there are times when hiring a permanent employee might not be the best option.

You may require a specialized skillset for a short period of time, or don’t quite have the need to hire for a full-time position. That’s where consultants and interim contractors come into the picture.

Let Impact Recruitment vet and screen qualified, skilled professionals while you focus on running your business.

Benefits of hiring a consultant or interim contractor:


  • Bring on additional staff quickly for busy season or to help get a large project across the finish line.
  • Find talent to temporarily cover a permanent employee’s leave of absence.
  • Additionally, hiring a consultant or contractor can also allow you to evaluate the compatibility of a new hire before bringing them on permanently.


Specialized Skillsets + Experience

  • Looking for an expert in your field or someone with a specialized skillset to complement your existing team? Hiring a consultant can allow you to bring on someone with a wealth of experience who can jump right in and get started.
  • Many individuals who work in consultant roles are highly adaptable in nature and known for thinking outside the box – making them ideally suited to jump into a new role with less training and onboarding than a permanent hire.



  • There are generally fewer costs associated with bringing on a consultant or contractor compared to a permanent employee.

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