Though we are best known for helping employers find permanent hires to meet their needs, we also recognize that there are times when hiring a permanent employee might not be the best option – like when your company needs a specialized skill set for a short period of time, or you require coverage for an extended leave of absence. This is where consultants come into the picture.

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Connecting you with skilled, experienced talent on a contract basis


The demand for contract-based hiring continues to grow and many professionals are now looking to take advantage of the flexibility that comes with working as a consultant. As a multi-disciplinary recruitment agency, we work with qualified, skilled professionals across a range of industries every day – and Impact Management Professionals can connect your organization with highly skilled consultants to help your business continue to reach its goals.

Never hired a consultant before?


No problem! We’re here to help address any concerns you may have and, together, we can determine if hiring a consultant makes sense based on your immediate and future hiring needs.


Hiring a consultant may be a great option for your company if:


  • You require an interim manager to step in on short notice
  • You need a highly specialized skill set that you currently do not have in-house
  • You want an expert to help conduct large-scale system or process changes
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These are just a handful of the scenarios you may encounter where hiring on a contract basis could best serve your business needs. Consultants are a great option for addressing your company’s urgent and high priority needs without the long-term commitment or costs associated with permanent hires.

Frequently asked questions

How is hiring a consultant different from hiring a permanent employee?

In a nutshell, when you hire a consultant, you are putting in place a contract to employ an individual’s services for a pre-determined amount of time or for a specific deliverable. What makes it an attractive option for employers is the ability to extend a contract’s end date, should there be a need to retain their services for a longer period of time than originally anticipated. This can be setup with a mutual agreement between both parties.

A permanent employee is hired for an ongoing basis with no set end date in mind.

How does payment work when hiring a consultant?

This can vary from one company to another. Talk to an Impact representative to get a sense of common payment structures for your industry.

Is hiring a consultant the best option for my business?

If you’re still unsure if hiring a consultant is the the right solution for you, we’re here to help address any concerns you may have.

It’s natural to have some hesitation but it all comes down to where your priorities lie. If you are hiring for specific projects with set timeframes, a consultant is likely your best option. If you need expertise on tasks that are regular, ongoing, and time consuming – a permanent employee may be a better solution.

Together, we can determine what is best for your organization based on your immediate and future hiring needs.

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Not sure if hiring a consultant is the right move for your business? Contact an Impact representative to discuss your options. Whether you are hiring for temporary, contract, or permanent roles, we can help your organization find the right talent to fit your needs.