Have questions about working with Impact? Most of the answers you need should be below. If you don’t find what you are looking for, simply give us a call or ask one of our Recruiters!
Does it cost money to work with Impact Recruitment?
Absolutely not! As a Candidate there is no fee for working with Impact Recruitment – our fees are paid by the hiring organization. Working with Impact Recruitment is a cost free way to gain exposure to more opportunities.
How can I start working with Impact Recruitment?
There are several ways to get started:


    1. If you see a position that interests you on our website, you can apply directly through our website by registering or logging in.
    1. If you see a position that interests you on an outside website, (example: monster, Workopolis, etc), you can simply follow the instructions for that service provider, or send a Microsoft Word version of your resume to the email address of the recruiter listed in the posting.
    1. If you do not see any positions that are applicable to you, but are interested in working with Impact Recruitment for future opportunities, please visit our jobs page and keep checking back! We are adding new positions every day.
I submitted my resume to a job posting on the website, do I need to re-submit my resume for other opportunities?
If you have sent your resume to us once, we will be aware of you. Even if you submitted your resume to a position that was not an ideal match, we will still consider you for all other opportunities that come up in the future. You may still apply to jobs as often as you like – it helps us know what you are interested in and will remind us of you regularly.
My resume information has changed since I last submitted my information. How do I update your records?
To update your records you can contact a recruiter directly or log into our Candidate Portal and upload a new resume to your profile.
What is the Certified Candidate® System?
The Certified Candidate® System is the most comprehensive Employer-Candidate matching system on the market today. The Certified Candidate® System is our evaluation tool – when we meet you, we take all aspects of your registration, interview and background check into consideration when we introduce you to our clients. This results in a more accurate match for your long-term career goals, and gives you an edge when compared to other candidates the Employer might be considering.
Why is the Certified Candidate® System an advantage to me?
As a comprehensive evaluation tool, the Certified Candidate® System inspires confidence in our clients by ensuring that we only put forward the best candidates that are exactly right for the job. For you, this means that you will be one of only a handful of candidates that ever get presented to each opportunity, and the best employers will know that you have the skills and attributes they are looking for ahead of time. This results in a higher rate of successful placements, better chances for you as an individual to land your dream role, and a greater opportunity for both you and the employer to focus on fit and corporate culture instead of simply verifying your skill set and the details of your work history.
How do I become a Certified Candidate®?
The first step to becoming a Certified Candidate® is submitting your resume using any of the methods listed above. From there, one of our Recruitment Specialists will review your eligibility. If you are found to be an eligible candidate, we will continue on with our comprehensive process and begin presenting you to suitable career opportunities with our top clients. We only represent Certified Candidates®.
What Industries does Impact Recruitment service?
Impact works in a variety of verticals across many industries. Our Industry Specialized Recruiters are experts in their niche markets and are committed to connecting the best candidates with the top companies in North America.
What sorts of jobs can Impact offer?
As a contingency and retainer based firm, Impact Recruitment primarily offers permanent placements. At times, we also source candidates for long-term contracts with our clients.

Impact Recruitment works at all levels of an organization, operating as the sole recruitment resource for our clients. We work on every role – from clerical and administrative positions, to high level-skilled trades, to C-level executive positions. Needless to say, whatever your level of experience or title, Impact Recruitment will be able to offer relevant positions whether now or in the near future.

What should I bring to my meeting with Impact?
When you meet with us, bring anything that might be relevant, including: recommendation letters, a portfolio of any work samples that may be beneficial, a pen, and most importantly, a confident and positive demeanor. Your Recruitment Specialist will send you the required paperwork prior to your meeting, which you should complete ahead of time and email back to them.

When you interview with one of our clients, we will prepare you prior to each meeting. Every interview is different and will typically require unique preparation.

What can I expect during my meeting with Impact?
This meeting is an opportunity to showcase your skills and have an honest discussion about your career goals and preferences. During this meeting, one of our Recruitment Specialists will work with you to learn the characteristics of your ideal opportunity, as well as assess and present any existing opportunities that may match what you are looking for.
What types of employers does Impact Recruitment partner with?
Impact Partners with a variety of Employers. Since every candidate is unique, we strive to offer unique opportunities that can meet the needs of a wide variety of people. Our clients include the top companies in North America, many of the top 100 Employers in BC and Alberta, and many organizations that offer the best work environments and growth opportunities in the country.

Whatever your preference, Impact has the expertise and the network to ensure you find a rewarding career that aligns with your specific needs.

What is the advantage of working with Impact Recruitment and becoming a Certified Candidate®?
There are too many advantages to working with Impact Recruitment to list them all, but here are some of the most important reasons you should consider speaking with us:
    1. We care about our candidates, and their long-term success. It is never about making a placement – it’s about creating great opportunities for great people and great companies.
    2. We don’t have quotas – we meet with you because we believe that success can be had while working together.
    3. At Impact Recruitment we work tirelessly to stay informed and ahead of the market. As a result, we frequently know about opportunities long before they are made public, and we just as frequently make placements with those specific companies before anyone even knows they are hiring.

There are truly no disadvantages to working with Impact Recruitment. We work with the top companies in North America and our commitment to quality means that you can be sure you we are working our hardest on your behalf.

What kind of involvement can I expect from Impact once I am placed?
We have created a diligent follow-up program to ensure that you receive the support you need when entering a new role. We will periodically follow-up by telephone and we are always available to you as a resource throughout your career.
How long will it take to find me a position?
Finding the ideal opportunity is a matter of being exposed to the right company, at the right time. Depending on your skills, your level, and what you are looking for in the ideal opportunity, this process could happen in one day, or it can take a year. No matter the case, when we meet great people we like to stay in touch so that we can help expose you to great opportunities as they come available.

Remember, we always look to the people we know as a first priority when we get a new opportunity. Even if you don’t see something that interests you today, we could receive a new job tomorrow that matches your needs perfectly.

I am currently employed; do I have to worry about privacy?
The majority of our Certified Candidates® are not actively seeking a new role, but want to have opportunities presented to them if they arise – making privacy one of our top priorities. The privacy of our candidates and clients is of the utmost importance to us and will be maintained fully from initial contact onwards.
How should I present myself to Impact Recruitment?
Since we are the direct connection to the employer, your first impression with Impact Recruitment is just as important as the one you make with each client we may introduce you to. While we will do our best to give you an edge when applying to new positions, the best thing you can do is present yourself to us as you would any employer. It helps us to learn how to help you, and allows us to prepare you properly for any subsequent meetings. Additionally, it is important to be honest about what you are looking for in a career so we can ensure we find you an opportunity that will provide you with lasting satisfaction.
How can I find out about the status of the position I applied for?
Due to the large volume of applications we receive only those candidates that have been shortlisted will be contacted for an initial interview. If you are actively involved in interviewing with one of our clients, you can simply contact the Recruitment Specialist that is responsible for the role.
How can I be sure you received my resume?
As long as you have followed the application instructions, you can rest assured knowing your email has been received by one of our experts. When you apply directly to a position, you should receive an email confirming that we have received your resume. If you would like to double check that we have your information you can log in to the Candidate Portal and ensure your profile is up to date.
Will I deal with more than one person throughout the process?
You will likely speak to at least two people throughout the process – typically one Recruitment Specialist who is managing the opportunity you are interviewing for, as well as as a Business Developer or Strategic Account Manager who has a close relationship with that particular employer.

In the future, you may hear from a number of our team members. Each one has your interests at heart and values you as a part of our network.

What is your privacy policy?
Are you affiliated with any other companies or recruitment agencies?

Non-Affiliation Disclaimer

Impact Recruitment (North America) operating the web site impactrecruitment.ca is not affiliated,
associated, or in any way officially connected with any other recruitment company, agency or firm.

We are not connected to any other company or web site operating under the name “Impact
Recruitment”. If you are contacted by an Impact Recruitment representative and are unsure of their
credibility or connection to our organization, please contact us at contact@impactrecruitment.ca.

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