It’s Meet the Team time again! This week we’re introducing you to Janet Oliver, who will go down in Impact history as being one of the first women to join our Building Division! She’s also a retired opera singer. Yes, we’re serious. This girl can do anything.

Katie: Let’s start from the beginning, what first interested you in joining Impact?

Janet: Well actually two of my good friends worked here! I had never really thought about getting into recruitment, but one day we were out for brunch together and they were chatting about work. Listening to them talk I could tell that they were so passionate about their jobs, they seemed to really love the company, so that made me curious. I started asking some more questions about Impact, and it kind of happened organically from there. I came in for an interview, and the rest is history!

K: You have a very interesting work history, care to share a little about that?

J: I have kind of an eclectic background (laughs). I was an opera singer, that was my first career. My next adventure was getting into event planning and event management. I loved it, it was fast-paced, I really enjoyed working with clients and vendors. The problem-solving aspect of was such a fun challenge for me, I was in my element coordinating various aspects of events and functions. In the end though, the hours are crazy. You’re working 20 hour days, and I was just ready for a change. From there I worked at the Rocky Mountaineer! It was actually great, I’m such a people person, and I got to do a lot of public speaking in that role. It was an awesome experience.

K: Am I crazy, or are a lot of those skills totally transferable to your role here?

J: You’re not crazy! I totally agree. The jobs I’ve done prior to coming to Impact have really helped me develop the skills and confidence I need to feel comfortable and be successful in my role here.

K: So you said you hadn’t thought much about recruitment before coming on board at Impact?

J: Honestly, no. I didn’t know a lot about the industry and when I first started thinking about getting into recruitment I was a little bit hesitant.MEET THE TEAM Janet 300x239 - Meet the Team - Janet Oliver

K: What made you change your mind?

J: I met with Jeff Harris (CEO) and Michael (Director, Building Division) and speaking to them gave me a real understanding of what Impact Recruitment was all about. The motto here is quality, integrity and honesty, and those are things that are so important to me, personally and professionally. I knew joining a company that shared those values was definitely the right decision.

K: What do you find is the most challenging part of your role here?

J: I’ve found that a lot of companies have had a bad experience with recruitment firms in the past, and it’s up to me to change their perspective. It’s a challenge we often face when we start talking with potential new clients – but it’s an enjoyable challenge! I get to educate people on who we are and what makes us different, and help them have a better relationship with the recruitment industry – or at least with us! (Laughs). I love business development, but I can’t do it unless I truly believe in what I’m doing. I believe in my team and this company and I know what we can do, so for me it’s an easy sell.

K: What’s your favourite part about the job?

J: I love my clients! I love going out to meet with them, or just stopping by to say hi and go for lunch. Building that lasting business relationship with them is very rewarding. We work so closely together and as you form those relationships over the years you become like friends, and you really get to know the culture of a place. It gives you a great perspective on who is going to work there and who isn’t. For the majority of my clients, culture fit is everything, so really putting that time in to get to know people and to get to know the company makes a huge difference. I don’t know if every recruitment firm does that, but I know that we do, and that’s part of what’s really important to me and what I really enjoy – getting to know my clients and getting to know their organizations, and finding someone who is going to fit there and thrive, and stay with the company long-term.

Connect with Janet on LinkedIn, or send her an email at joliver@impactrecruitment.ca. If you have any questions about partnering with Impact Recruitment, or would like to inquire about job opportunities, feel free to give us a call at (604) 689-8687.

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