As a full-service firm, Impact Recruitment provides contingency, retained, executive, and project-based recruitment services to a wide variety of clients. From private, regional companies to international, publicly-traded organizations, we have the experience and the network to bring you the best talent in the market.

At Impact, we are dedicated to providing a customized solution tailored to your business. No matter the complexity or scope of your hiring needs, we can establish a plan and customize our process for your specific situation. These services are available across all of our divisions and industries.



If you are searching for a high-level management position, or a rare skill set, the retained and executive search service is the perfect tool to ensure that you meet top quality candidates with the experience you need. For this service, we dedicate a team of specialized recruiters to your engagement full-time, until your hire is complete. We keep you updated on metrics, and our ongoing recruitment efforts, so that you are aware of individual successes along the way. Our team diligently works as an extension of your company and your brand, acting as though they are your internal talent acquisition team.

PROJECT BASED SEARCH SERVICES our services - Our Services


At Impact, we are often engaged by some of the largest companies in North America to provide project-based search services. If you are experiencing fast growth, or looking at expansion (new locations, departments or divisions), this service can help streamline your growth by providing top talent across multiple disciplines. Whether conducted as a exclusive, contingency based search, or a retained project, we develop a hiring plan catered to your needs and begin sourcing candidates for the key positions you have identified.

RELOCATION our services - Our Services


For many organizations with offices and branches in remote locations, a key part of their hiring platform includes relocating talented individuals from other markets. Additionally, many top level corporations in major centers relocate key management professionals from other locations. At Impact, one of our specialized services includes sourcing individuals that are interested in relocating to new geographical areas for the right opportunity, and facilitating inter-provincial (as well as international) recruitment processes.

If you are interested in looking for the right individual from another employment market, we can introduce you to the best candidates that would consider relocating to join your team.

OUTPLACEMENT our services - Our Services


Many businesses have seasonal highs and lows, or are highly influenced by market conditions. We understand that at times, not everyone is hiring. If your organization is downsizing, changing locations, or otherwise streamlining operations, our outplacement services can help your employees transition to something new, in an appropriate time frame. Our specialized consultants can assist you in making this change more comfortable for your employees, and ensure that they have a new opportunity once you are ready to complete the transition. The best part about this service: it’s free.

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