It has come to our attention that some dishonest individuals are falsely representing themselves as Impact Recruitment staff.

We’d like to help protect you from those who may attempt to use trusted brands like ours to conduct recruitment fraud. Here are a few things to look out for:

We do not go by any other name than Impact Recruitment – if you are contacted by someone claiming to represent Impact Recruiting, Impact Recruitment Agency Canada or any other name – consider this a red flag.

Impact Recruitment employees conduct email communication using the @impactrecruitment.ca domain. We will never contact candidates or clients through a Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or other free online mail service.

Our recruiters may reach out to individuals who have not formally applied for a job to present them with job opportunities with our clients. However, Impact will not present a job offer to a candidate prior to completing a formal interview process.

We will never ask for any form of payment from candidates (job seekers) as part of the recruitment process.

All of our recruitment consultants are listed on our official website (impactrecruitment.ca) under the Meet Our Team page. Should you be contacted by a person who you suspect does not work for Impact Recruitment, you can check our website to see if they are listed as an employee. You can also reach out to our team directly through our Talk to Us form and we will be able to confirm if an individual does work for Impact or is falsely claiming to be associated with our company.