As Fort McMurray families return to their homes and survey the damage caused by wildfires, the only thing that is certain for the city may be some additional uncertainty.

I was relieved to see that the mass evacuation — one of the biggest in Canada’s history — went as smoothly as it did, even as I watched the scary images of fire and ash raining down from the sky as people fled their homes.

Many of the people, displaced in surrounding communities, anxiously await news of the fate of their neighbourhoods. And, just as importantly, what’s next?

Now, in some cases entire neighbourhoods have been wiped out and those families will have to decide whether they will return to their communities and rebuild, or pick up what’s left and move elsewhere. This is equally true for businesses, although it’s a relief the main business districts remain intact. Recovery takes time and there will be a lot of hard work ahead for the community, both in rebuilding homes and buildings lost to the fire, as well as restoring the population and restarting the economy.

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