• Demand for skilled tech workers remains high across Canada, particularly for software development and IT infrastructure roles
    • Layoffs largely result of correction for large tech companies that experienced massive revenue influxes during peak of COVID-19
    • Tech sector continues to embrace remote work, remaining flexible with work arrangements to attract talent, offering ‘work from anywhere’ policies and trialling four-day work week


Vancouver, BC, December 6, 2022 – While layoffs for some of tech’s heavy hitters continue and concerns grow around the effect a further economic downturn may have, the majority of employers still consider hiring a priority. Demand for skilled tech professionals remains high across Canada according to Impact Recruitment’s latest salary guide for the technology industry.

Many of the recent layoffs are the result of a post-pandemic correction from large companies that experienced huge revenue influxes during the peak of COVID-19. However, unemployment for the sector as a whole is expected to be minimal. Skilled tech professionals, particularly those in specialized and senior-level software development and IT infrastructure positions, continue to have the option to consider multiple employment opportunities when embarking on a job search.

Impact, a leading multi-disciplinary recruitment firm, publishes the 2022/23 Technology Salary Guide for the Canadian market to highlight tech industry hiring trends and provide current compensation data for IT and technology professionals.

“Tech companies looking to attract talent are getting creative and remaining flexible when it comes to work arrangements by offering attractive perks to secure their preferred candidates,” said Kristina Lee, Director of Impact’s Technology Division. “We’re seeing some offer ‘work from anywhere’ policies or, in certain cases, testing the waters with four-day work weeks. The prospect of these perks generates a lot of interest from candidates. A growing number of US companies are adopting these strategies and are finding success hiring across Canada as a result,” Lee concluded.

Though many industries saw return to office policies implemented this year, the tech sector, generally, continued to embrace remote work opportunities.

Download a full copy of the 2022/23 Canada technology salary guide here.

About the Salary Guide

Impact Recruitment’s 2022/23 Salary Guide: Technology edition was created to serve as a practical resource for hiring managers and technology + IT professionals in the Canadian market.

Impact’s Technology team works with approximately 120 tech and IT professionals each month, allowing them to garner salary data directly from the industry.

Their vast knowledge of the Canadian market allows them to share up-to-date information on hiring and recruitment trends, compensation, benefits, and perks pertaining to the tech sector.

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