The world of work has transformed and given rise to a thriving gig economy. Once seen as a steppingstone to a more permanent position, temporary work is quickly becoming a popular alternative to the traditional nine-to-five work week, and businesses and professionals alike can benefit from the convenience and flexibility gig work provides.

Impactemps rises from the ashes as AmbiMi

Out with the old, in with the new. We’ve bid farewell to Impactemps, our original temporary staffing solution, and Impact’s CEO + Founder, Jeff Harris, has officially launched AmbiMi, a revolutionary new recruitment platform.

Ambi… what?

AmbiMi! Pronounced ‘am-bee-me’, AmbiMi is a skills-based job matching platform where people come first and ambition takes the lead.

What does that mean?

A modern alternative to conventional recruitment, AmbiMi makes it easier than ever for both organizations and professionals to embrace the many benefits of short-term work. It’s as simple as this: open up the AmbiMi app. Choose whether you’re a professional looking for your next gig, or an organization looking to fill a short-term position – et voila, you’re all set to get started!

Okay, so it’s an app?

Yes, but not just an app! AmbiMi users have access to both the app as well as AmbiMi’s Job Hubs: physical locations in high demand areas where individuals can access support, training and recruitment services in-person.

How does it work?

Well, kind of like a dating app, actually. Basically, AmbiMi vets, filters and qualifies candidates (based on myriad factors, including skills, location and the type of work they’re looking for), and then matches those candidate with opportunities that best fit their profile. At the end of the day, the goal is to make a match that’s the right fit for both the business and the professional.

Still got questions? Check out AmbiMi’s FAQ!

A glimpse into the future

At its centre, AmbiMi’s raison d’être is to promote inclusive employment and upward mobility, and to support sustainable growth for people + businesses. As AmbiMi continues to expand its service offerings, you can expect to see Job Hubs popping up in a city near you!

Ready to get started? Download the app here.