Impact Recruitment’s team of highly specialized IT + tech recruiters and business developers work with a wide range of businesses – from tech startups to established service providers, as well as in-house IT departments. With the demand for IT consultants continuing to grow, we are pleased to offer IT and tech contract staffing solutions to help our clients find the talent they need to reach their goals.

Looking for permanent recruitment solutions? No problem! Visit our Technology division’s page to discover our permanent recruitment offerings. Our goal is to offer you hiring solutions you need to help keep your business moving forward – whether that’s permanent or contract hiring (or maybe a little bit of both).

Why hire IT consultants?


IT consultants are in high demand! There are many benefits to hiring an IT professional on a contract basis.

For example, maybe you need a hand with system implementations, upgrades or getting a website backend setup – consultants can address your company’s urgent and high priority technical needs, without the long-term commitments or additional costs attached to permanent hires.

Here are some of the reasons you would consider hiring IT consultants:


  • Technical expertise
  • Flexible coverage
  • Speed to hire


See our FAQ below for more on the benefits of hiring consultants.

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Consultant FAQ

Below are the most common questions we get about hiring IT and tech consultants on a contract basis. Read on to learn more about how hiring a consultant is different from a permanent hire, the benefits of hiring a consultant and more.

Have a question that isn’t addressed below? Contact a member of our team. We’d be happy to answer any questions about hiring consultants that you have!

How is hiring a consultant different from a permanent employee hire?

In a nutshell, when you hire a consultant you are putting in place a contract to employ an individual’s services for a pre-determined amount of time or for a specific deliverable. What makes it an attractive option for employers is the ability to extend a contract’s end date, should there be a need to retain their services for a longer period of time than originally anticipated. This can be setup with a mutual agreement between both parties.

A permanent employee is hired for an ongoing basis with no set end date in mind.

What are some of the benefits of hiring an IT consultant?

Tech and IT consultants can help address your company’s urgent and high priority technical needs without the long-term commitments or additional costs associated with permanent hires.

Here are some of the most common benefits that consultants can bring to the table:


  • Expertise: Consultants have a wealth of experience and are highly adaptable. They are used to thinking outside the box and can help bring your projects to the next level.
  • Flexibility: Consultants can seamlessly step in to cover a permanent employee’s leave of absence or provide additional support during busy periods.
  • Speed: Hiring a consultant can have a much quicker turnaround time due to availability and shorter notice periods. Plus, they’re used to hitting the ground running, saving valuable time on onboarding and training.

How does payment work when hiring consultants?

This can vary from one company to another. Talk to an Impact representative to get a sense of common payment structures for your industry.

Is contract-based hiring the best option for my company?

If you’re still unsure if hiring a consultant on a contract basis is the right fit for you, we’re here to help address any concerns you may have.

It’s natural to have some hesitation but it all comes down to where your priorities lie. If you are hiring for specific projects with set timeframes, a consultant is likely your best option. If you need expertise on tasks that are regular, ongoing, and time consuming – a permanent employee may be a better solution.

Together, we can determine what is best for your organization based on your immediate and future hiring needs.


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