K: Why don’t we start with you giving us a quick run-down of your experience in Vancouver and at Impact so far?

B: Well, I came to Vancouver looking to start a new adventure, prior to that I was in a team leader role back home in Ireland [where I’m from]. It was a very enjoyable job, and what I came to realize I liked most about it was actually being able to recruit people and play a role in growing our team, so when I decided to make the move to Vancouver I knew I wanted to explore that interest I had and get some more experience in HR and recruitment, that’s when I found Impact – and had about 12 interviews before they decided to hire me! (Laughs)

K: That’s our style isn’t it! (Laughs)

B: Once I joined Impact I started off working as a Recruitment Specialist in the accounting field but then I was given the opportunity to switch over to legal, and I just loved it! I found it very easy to relate to the candidates and the whole industry was so interesting to me. So I worked in that role for my first year with the company, then in February I was asked if I wanted to take on an Account Manager role and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since!

K: Being someone who has worked as both a Recruitment Specialist and an Account Manager at Impact, did you like one of those positions better than the other?

B: I really did enjoy both very much. I liked having the opportunity to work as a recruiter because I’m better able to understand the entire process, from interviewing candidates to putting them forward to our clients and then getting feedback from both sides. I love what I’m doing now because of the level of relationship building involved. These are long-term relationships that have to be nurtured, and every time I sit down with a client I learn more about them and their company and I’m able to get a clearer idea of what kind of person would be a good fit with them. It’s really interesting, and I’m constantly learning more about myself as well as the people we do business with.

K: What do you find is the biggest challenge for you in an Account Manager role, or in the industry in general?MEET THE TEAM Bridget edit 225x300 - Meet the Team - Bridget O'Connor

B: I think with the legal market at the moment, we’re finding that its quite tight and one of the challenges is knowing that we have some competitors who just want to present anyone, they want to get somebody in front of a client even if they know the person isn’t going to be a good fit for that place or that role. That can be a bit frustrating for us because we aren’t going to do that, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. It’s my responsibility to ensure I am delivering exactly what the client wants, which is good quality people who are excited to join a company and stay there long-term.

K: It sounds like the reason we have so many repeat clients might be because of those high standards you talked about. If they’ve come to expect that you and our other team members are going to ensure they are presented with top-level candidates, why wouldn’t they reach out again when they have another position to be filled?

B: Oh, absolutely. Our clients really do trust us, because we’ve earned that trust from them. They know that we will not approach them with anyone who we don’t truly believe will be a perfect fit for their company.

K: Anything exciting going on for you over the summer?

B: I’m actually looking at taking on my HR Manager Certificate in September. I think its going to offer me a wholistic view of what we do here, and also help me be even more understanding of my clients needs so I’m really excited about that!

K: And does it look like you’re going to keep calling Vancouver home for the next little while at least?

B: just got my PR, so that’s very exciting! The plan is to stay in the West End, keep working here at Impact and keep growing and learning.

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