From April showers to May flowers and onto… well, the poem never mentioned June, but that’s fine, we’ve included it in this roundup, too! The summer months are notorious for zipping by in the blink of an eye (shoot, now we can’t stop rhyming), so before that happens, we wanted to share some of what our team’s been up to lately:

q2 blog patio 222x300 - Quarterly Snapshot: Q2 @ Impact

Our famous rooftop patio makes its 2023 debut 

Talk about a glow up! ✨ Our legendary rooftop patio got a little makeover this week and, honestly, it’s giving summer in the best way. This spot is a perfect place to spend the lunch hour, catch up on emails or enjoy a couple Friday post-work pints from the office keg. ☀️🍻

q2 blog brett k 236x300 - Quarterly Snapshot: Q2 @ ImpactBrett K earns official title of office grillmaster 

Impromptu rooftop barbeque to kick off the long weekend? Don’t mind if we do! 🌭🥗🍔

Not for the first time, Impact’s resident ‘office dad’, Brett Kuseler, surprised us with a mid-day BBQ on the patio! Nothing breaks up the workday like great weather, great company and an amazing lunchtime spread.

Celebrating loq2 blog pride 23 224x300 - Quarterly Snapshot: Q2 @ Impactve, patios, pizza and Pride

Our annual Pride party was, as always, a huge success – what could be better than wrapping up the work day and heading out to the most beautiful darn patio this city’s ever seen to celebrate our amazing, beautiful, vibrant LGBTQIA+ community and the beauty of love in all its forms? 🌈

Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

Take us out to the ball game, please and thanks! Our Development + Construction Management group took advantage of some beautiful Vancouver weather to head out to Nat Bailey Stadium for an afternoon of team bonding while watching baseball in the sunshine.q2 blog building 300x229 - Quarterly Snapshot: Q2 @ Impact

A heck of a turnout for the Recruitment Fair @ Vancouver Startup Week

Was it a good turnout for this year’s #VSW Recruitment Fair? Well, the lineup was down the block and around the corner, as tech students and professionals waited excitedly for the doors to open to this much-anticipated event, so, yeah, we’d call that a win!

q2 blog vsw 238x300 - Quarterly Snapshot: Q2 @ ImpactWe were thrilled to have the opportunity to hang out with this incredible community and to connect with such an amazing group of smart, driven individuals looking for their next big opportunity in the tech space.

Impact x Working Gear

It was an absolute pleasure to hang out with our friends at Working Gear at the Gathering Place, where they hosted a free pop-up clothing event for the community. 🤗

This is one pop-up event of many that Working Gear’s held around Vancouver, providing construction clothing and hi-vis vests to members of our community – a requirement for many hoping to re-enter the workforce and secure steady, paid employment.

Earth Day litter pick-up (ft. beer!) q2 blog working gear 300x219 - Quarterly Snapshot: Q2 @ Impact

A neighbourhood clean-up that ends with pints at a local brewery? Sign us up! 🌎💚🍻

On what we’ve affectionately dubbed ‘Earth Day Eve’, our amazing Environmental Committee organized litter pick-ups in both Vancouver and Toronto – because taking care of the planet starts right here, in our community.

In Vancouver alone, our team collected *over 46 lbs. of garbage*. And, because we love a little friendly competition, the person who collected the most litter from our streets was awarded the Rubbish Cup – a true honour.

q2 blog earth day 266x300 - Quarterly Snapshot: Q2 @ ImpactIf you’re wondering how you can help make your neighbourhood a greener, healthier and more beautiful place to live, you’re in luck – there are no shortage of ways to get involved! For example, you might…

+ Make your garden pollinator-friendly 🐝
+ Bring reusable bags to the grocery store 🛒
+ Rein in your water usage 🚿
+ Hit the farmer’s market and shop local 🥬️
+ Dust off the ol’ bike and go car-free for a day (or more, if you’re feeling ambitious!) 🚲

Want in on this? If you’re keen to hang out with a bunch of gems and do good work you’ll care about, keep an eye on our Careers at Impact page!