After two years of online everything, we were pretty sure we’d seen it all: conferences and galas attended from kitchen tables, virtual gatherings where each guest is represented by an avatar of their choosing, digital job fairs and video interviews – as we flipped through our social calendar and saw nothing but Zoom invites, we had to wonder: was this the end of in-person networking as we knew it?

Luckily, before we had time to pose more concerning hypotheticals to ourselves a la Carrie Bradshaw, the second quarter of 2022 rolled in and with it came a flurry of much anticipated invitations, encouraging us to dust off our social skills and get ready to connect, or reconnect in some cases, face to face.

Impact out on the town, hitting the links + even… on the dodgeball court?

Networking – it’s like riding a bike, right? That’s what we told ourselves as pulled our dress shoes out of the closet and joined the many local professionals who, like us, were eager to attend some industry events, socials and galas IRL.

Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve been up to lately:

Exclusive sponsorship of the Vancouver Bar Association: We’re super excited to be the exclusive sponsors of VBA – especially since it means we get to show off our (admittedly limited) skills on the dodgeball court and demonstrate our (significantly better) ability to ham it up at a photo booth.VBA Dodgeball Tournament 2 300x225 - Quarterly Snapshot: Q2 @ IMPACT

Continued partnership with YWCA and CPABC: It’s always such a pleasure to work with our friends at YWCA and CPABC to host workshops and presentations for students to help them fine tune their job search skills and secure fulfilling, gainful employment in Vancouver.

The glorious returVBA Devils Advocate Spring Social 2 300x200 - Quarterly Snapshot: Q2 @ IMPACTn of the CPHR Conference + Expo at the Vancouver Convention Centre: The return of the largest HR event in Western Canada? We wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Spring dining with BCPA: We’re such huge fans of the BCPA, and it was our honour to show our support by both sponsoring and attending their beautiful 2022 Spring Dinner!

Other highlights include: ushering in summer 2022 with BCLMA, celebrating industry greats at the BOMA Awards Gala + getting good use out of our waterproof gear at the VRCA golf tournament.

Impact parties, gatherings + community collabs

With restrictions lifted, both our Vancouver and Toronto teams have been busy making up for lost time! Between the team lunches, happy hours, sports games and, of course, Beer Fridays, we’re happy to confirm the following facts: (a) we still throw the best parties of all time; and (b) we couldn’t ask for better people to hang out with every day.quarterly 2 - Quarterly Snapshot: Q2 @ IMPACT

Earth Day community clean-up

‘Cause there ain’t no party like a neighbourhood cleanup party! Our West Coast team was delighted to partner with the City of Vancouver to celebrate Earth Day and help clean up Creekside Park – because taking care of the planet starts right here, in our community.

Impromptu patio party

At this impromptu patio party (also known as our Canada Day Eve celebration, depending on who you ask) our team enjoyed a surprise lunchtime barbeque on the rooftop patio of our Vancouver office – the perfect way to end the week and kick off a much-anticipated long weekend!

A quarterly 1 300x225 - Quarterly Snapshot: Q2 @ IMPACTunique team bonding experience

If you thought Brett Kuseler would plan a regular ol’ team outing during his visit to Toronto, you don’t know Double T like we do. After all, why would you sip a pint and split an appy at the local watering hole when you could go axe throwing instead? By all reports, the team had a heck of a day out – getting some team bonding in while showing off their (“surprisingly impressive”) axe throwing skills.


Proud every day

Pride month is the perfect reason to come together, enjoy each other’s company and celebrate the beautiful LGBTQ+ community in all its glory. This June, we had the best time planning and hosting Pride celebrations at both our Vancouver and Toronto locations, enjoying colourful cookies, boozy bevvies, great tunes and ROYGBIV everything! 🏳️‍🌈PRIDE PARTY a 300x225 - Quarterly Snapshot: Q2 @ IMPACT

Will road trip for wine

While the allure of the sunny, wine-soaked Okanagan would be tempting enough to warrant a visit all on its own, the purpose of our marketing team’s trip was actually (mostly) business, if you can believe it. Well, partly business, at least: a quarterly brainstorm session and a long overdue visit with Impact’s Social Media + Content Manager, Katie, who left Vancouver during the beginning of the pandemic and now works full-time from her home in central Kelowna. marketing kelowna 241x300 - Quarterly Snapshot: Q2 @ IMPACT

This seems like as good a time as any to mention that we’ve got great people in remote positions throughout BC’s interior, Vancouver Island and all across the country – so if you’re interested in joining the team but not located near an Impact office, that’s something we’re more than happy to discuss.

A very exciting milestone – 10 years of Michael Scott!

That’s right, a whole decade with this legend. We couldn’t be more proud, grateful and excited to have Michael (VP, Building Division) as an integral part of our leadership team, a mentor, a coach and a friend. Let’s raise a glass (or a mug of coffee, which may be more appropriate) to Michael: cheers to TEN YEARS, and here’s to many more! 🍻 Learn more about Michael’s decade with Impact Recruitment in this interview.

Want in on this?

We’re growing our teams in both Toronto and Vancouver (and everywhere in between), so if you’re keen to hang out with a bunch of gems and do good work you’ll care about, this might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

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